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Window Screens For Allergy Sufferers

Pollen ParticleWhen I first moved to Sacramento in the summer of 1987, one of the first things I had to get used to was working in construction in 100 degree heat for days on end. Coming from the cool and foggy Bay Area, it took me about 3 years and a million gallons of water before I became acclimated to the heat.

In the last ten years I’ve increasingly had to contend with another issue in our area: allergies. Even indoors I can’t always get relief. Pollens and other irritants get tracked in on our shoes and clothes, and even on pets. In the spring time when I’d like to open the windows I’m hesitant because typical screens only block larger particles, not the finer pollens that can cause allergies.

There is another solution offered by a company called Pollen Tec. They manufacture a window screen fabric they claim can filter out up to 100% of pollens while allowing fresh air to flow into the home. Independent test results verified that 100% of grass pollens, 99.71% of birch pollen, 93.1% of Stinging Nettle-pollen 90.9% pollen and Ragweed were captured by the Pollen Tec screen.

Pollen Tec screens look the same as conventional fiberglass and aluminum screens. They are available as readymade screens for windows and patio doors in roller, hinged, and removable versions. They also offer rolls of the material for replacement applications.

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